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Ye Qiu remembers.He and with a run time.Is also have no intense emotion ground.Drive Sung Yu book this pornly woman to eat up for a ground of time.He still strongly struggled to once resist.
But be touched by her touch.Oneself amenably lies at she the ground is under the body.
Spend path good luck guest have never swept.The dust root starts to open for Qing now.
Keep be located in the male's body to subjugate for more than 20 years the feeling is at the desire sea sky.Who does it lead?
"Catalyst how?"Tang Guo asks a way.
"For example embrace each other."The autumn of the leaf says.Don't dare kiss too nakedly touch a milk and the other is drastically more fierce action to speak out.
"Go so?"The Tang Guo doubt ground asks a way.
"Go."The autumn of the leaf repeatedly nods.
"It is all right.That we embrace."Tang Guo leaf the autumn connect into inside in the house.After closing a room door without extra trouble.Stretch hand to hug a leaf ground the waist is for autumn.Cover up head the autumn ground is at the leaf bosom.
Profoundly absorbed an one breath.Tang Guo's in the mind happily felt to be filling the air.
The desire already a long time embraces.Finally get today.
"I go first to take a bath.Hastily rushes through.The body is last whole body sweat."The autumn company of leaf measures the ground and bosom ground Tang Guo say.
"Need not.Temporarily need not."Tang Guo Xiao's voice says."Wait I to have intense emotion.You then wash."
"."Ye Qiu wants is also.Then and tightly hug Tang Guo.See her ground small face's sticking ground bosom is at she.Squint Jing.When a face satisfied a ground of lovely shape.The leaf autumn center of earth is suddenly what things given a touch for a while.
Originally want a dynasty Tang Guo pajama in stretch a ground of hand to also stop.Wish.Etc..Etc..Time is it's yet early.It isn't hasty.
"The autumn of the leaf."Tang Guo's voice unclearly shouts a leaf autumn place name word.
"H'm?"The autumn of the leaf is in response to the way.
"Do you like me?"
The autumn of the leaf has hesitant a short moment ground.
Like?Should be like ground.Otherwise.It is thoughting of that she throws in other men to embrace for a ground of time.Why will have already loved a ground of felling?
"Like."The autumn of the leaf is affirmative ground of to say.
"It is really good.You liked me on the whole."Tang Guo still keeps shutting eyes.Can face top but be happily full of a facial expression."I so excellently female kid.It is again so good to you.You don't like me.That was really blind eye."
"The saying ground is reasonable."The leaf autumn forehead appears two fine threads.
"Your bosom is really comfortable.I want to sleep in a short while.Forbid noisy I.Wait me awake seek intense emotion again."Tang Guo beat a yawn.Changed cerebellum bag more comfortably the posture stick autumn chest at the leaf.
The autumn of the leaf almost cried.
Grandmother Gu.Tang spoilt daughter of a rich family.Your awake my afraid I haded no intense emotion.
Ye Qiu knows that from already drive Tang Guo to play.
This woman cheats from have already come over be for asking the father's business son, there is basically no the meaning that dedicate the body.
Although know it in heart, can leaf the autumn in the mind but little bit didn't also get angry of felling.
Tang Guo's hands tightly hug a leaf for autumn of waist, be like a calico sack bear hang in leaf's autumn body up.The Fei is red the gorgeous small face stick in chest of leaf autumn clearly, the eyelash is curved curved, the nose buys Ji wrinkly, the small mouth is moist and lovely, sleeping the familiar appearance be like lovely of old woman son.
See this act, intense emotion moment in the leaf autumn body disappear, what to replace is full to fullly spoil and gentleness.
The female kid of this wretchedness, she is too tired.Unexpectedly in so short time inside sleep heat, also send out a slight pole voice.
The autumn of the leaf lightly of start to embrace Tang Guo, put she at soft of big bed up.Prepare to while covering a quilt, but she discovers that her hand tightly embraces from already, from already anyway also not the ability give° her hand bye open.If use too greatly and pretty the words of dint, affirmation will give the surprised Yun Tang Guo.
The autumn of the leaf is helpless, have to use be covered on the Tang Guo's belly by the Cape, then from have already also taken off shoes to depend in the bedside, allow her to hug if from have been already slept soundly.
Looking at at present the whole heats to know unfamiliar scene again, leaf autumn in the mind multitude of feelings surges up.Another time returns to blue apartment, in the mind some Ches move, more is joy.From have already promised Chen Mo Nong, once promised Lin Bao Er as well, everyone hereafter also re- return to blue apartment and be together like before one life of happiness.

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