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Hence toward a words tube to say:"At the right moment I also some matters want to seek you.I at!
The autumn of the leaf claps he or she ground head.Oneself is still in the base now.Always can not pull Tang Guo to the on this side to to fork fork?
Although should stimulate very much in my noodles.
Ye Qiu wanted to think.Say:"My hand's last work just finished handling.It probably Be about to return to.If you don't have matter ground words.Can go to me and live a ground of place to seek me."
"Go to you and live a ground of place?Where?"Tang Guo asks a way.
"Xuan Wu Qu.Gold all mansion."The autumn of the leaf says.
"I don't know that place.So.I wait you in the blue apartment."Tang Guo says.
Blue apartment?
Hear this name.The leaf is one Zhan in the autumn center of earth.There is silent a short moment ground.
"How?You can't not remember road?"Tang Guo is also a multitude of feelings surges up in center of earth.But she ground the personality make her can't show this kind of small flabbiness to appear.Intentionally Ji Feng leaf the autumn say.
"Good.Sees for a hour."
"A hour?Don't go.Is too long.Wait you to come.I may have no interest to dedicate a body."
"40 minutes."The autumn of the leaf bit to grind teeth.Say.This feared and rushed all the way many red lightses.
"40 minutes?Is too long.The most half hour.The my ground intense emotion at most can keep half for hour."Tang Guo says.
"Good."The autumn of the leaf promised.Grandmother's ground.Put together.
Violet squad ground person see a shadow of human figure flash across.They lately take a post a ground of captain leaf the autumn had already run ground don't copy.
".Captain ground speed's returning is really quick."
"Yes.In addition to the war is greedy for wolf ground for time and sees his with all strength.Otherly the time all conceals real strenght."
"That we want to revenge a ground of hope not is end up in nothing?Each time and he list pick him to beat my face.I more want on his face to beat several boxings."
After death a few bastard the guy is discussing.Greatly the autumn comrade of leaf is in the light of humanitarianism salvage spirit.Don't want to let to hope earnestly to dedicate body ground a young age young girl sad disappointment to oneself.Run a ground of out of breath.Heel tiredly dog ground.
The autumn of the leaf drives to turn toward that to lead to blue apartment ground big way.Could not controled feelings ground to give° the speed to reduce dow.
Slowly.Is like that the slow motion time put.
The mind is what things filled with.Brain inside but is a then mentally dense.Felt to want to allow many much thing.Tang Guo, Chen Mo Nong and Lin Bao Er.Previously the part walks Ma Guan flower the ground care to know nautical mile sweep.Can complexities of the situation.But can not find a burnt head.Again imitate a Buddha all what things don't think.
After blue apartment ground three hostesses moved to leave.To blue apartment tight protection and supervision ground the person also all withdrew to walk.
Past.The autumn of the leaf drives to come over to think of alone some kind ofly time.Don't discover any protection strength.
But have some exception today.From afar see the blue apartment ground doorway stop two blackly speed.And this car is a specially made ground.Bullet and explosive commonly basically not the ability damage bodywork.
Severals wear black dress ground young tiger fierce man one face vigilance the ground looking at to slowly open to come over a ground of car.Still have two people stretched into a bosom.As long as the circumstance has a little bit not right.Probably with most quickly the speed pull out gun gunning.
Ye Qiu knows that their job is in the body.From afar pressed to press the car trumpet empress.Chen Mo Nong faces to walk for a ground of time arrange down to look after blue apartment ground one inside year woman Be small to run to rush through out.To those blue apartment ground the front door ground is strict on the spot black dress man to say:"The young lady said.Let him go in."
Those black dress big fellow this just relaxed a vigilance.Step aside a way.Let the leaf open car into yard for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf towards them to smile.To their ground ability and work ground the earnest attitude still keep approving ground very much.
At the beginning he is Anne to protect a director at the Tang ground time.Although real rules over Anne to protect two groups of groundses person is up the No.100.Don't protect a person to have any contact with Anne.Can request he or she's ground to stay at Tang Guo that.He is to once beat to face to face personally ground with these people.
They clearly recognize to come from F.The slightest don't dare as well the gist.Have them at Tang Guo nearby.Tang Guo is still very safely.
Is exactly also as it does.The autumn of the leaf just will have been guarding to give away foolishly to adjust Su hang at nearby small Tang Guo.

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